A Letter to Muhammed Zafar Iqbal

He is the Einstein of Bangladesh.

He is the Einstein of Bangladesh.

Dear Sir,

Respect and love to you. It’s me ANIS, you might forget me. I visited you at 07.05.2012. I went to meet you with an ocean of hopes but I came back with a desert of challenges. I know that you hate to be flattered, but I am sorry that I can’t help saying that meeting with you was like I had met with Einstein. Sir, I could not have told you 5% of my words, after all, I think I am lucky enough that you gave me relatively enough time without having any appointment. You told me that if someone possesses something extraordinary but can’t do anything for the welfare of people and society then it would be a crime! I am not an extraordinary boy rather I am a very ordinary boy. But I promise that I will give better of my best effort for the welfare of people and for my country. You told me that it seems that I am not a disciplined boy. Yes, I was or I am an indiscipline boy. …..but relatively! I don’t regret what I did but I would regret if I can’t make my future as the way I wish. You are supposed to know that how an individual would respond to a stimulus or to a situation is encoded or programmed into his/her DNA. An individual is nothing but just a replicator of Gene. Now it’s the responsibility to the persons like you to make such an environment so that an individual’s sensory organs can respond positively, logically and rationally.

How a person’s himself/herself is made up? A human infant comes to this world with a blank brain and with basic biological need of having foods to survive. Five sensory organs let us to gather information in our brain from the surroundings and environment we are belonged to. I think a person is just a summation of moments and experiences that he/she has experienced. Human being has been evolved through fulfilling five stages of needs. We have five stages of needs and how these needs should be met up is shaped by our culture and society. Needs are-

  1. Physiological need
  2. Security
  3. Need of belongingness
  4. Self esteem (status)
  5. Need of self actualization

Physiological need refers to foods and sex. People can do anything to meet up this need. But our culture and society impose a way that how this need should be met up. Say, a person may get hungry but he/she is not allowed to steal, a person may lust for sex but is not allowed to rape. When a person fails to cope up with the rules and regulation of society to meet up the physiological need, then definitely she/he will go for other way which might be regarded as a crime or violence of rules. Our ancestors or primitive human being had no civilized society or culture. They didn’t bother doing anything ferocious meeting up their physiological need. Society, culture, rules and regulation are the products of evolutionary process.

When a person gets well fulfilled with physiological needs then she/he looks for security of tomorrow so that she/he doesn’t have to face any problem in future meeting up the physiological needs. People save money or something else to minimize the uncertainty of future. To maximize the security of life our ancestors or primitive human being started living in a society and making bond among them, still we have been working on this. Thereby, we feel need for belongingness that’s why we make family, friends and networks.

When a person gets well belonged with people then she/he looks for having attention from others or social dignity which is called status. Seems it is the starting point of arising leadership tendency among human being. The leaders set the rules and regulation of the society. They set the standard of right and wrong, bad and good. Thus, a culture is formed in a society. Status is relative issue, not necessary that one has to be a leader to have the status. It is basically showing up to the people that I have contributions to the society and hoping care from the society. People may do good things or bad things to have status in society since bad and good are relative matter.

Finally, when a person possesses a strong status into the society then she/he thinks of self actualization. Self actualization refers that where and how a person wants to see herself/himself. More preciously, everyone believes that one day she/he will be no more to this world so he/she wants the people to remember him/her after his/her death. People do noblest job for their self actualization, doing worst things is not atypical too. Someone wants to be great leader, someone wants to be philosopher, and someone wants to be a scientist to actualize themselves. Prophecy is the worst product of need of self actualization.


Now I am showing you the way I see the world and its phenomenon.

—————————-T I M E—————————-

Formation of Physical Law / Equation


Energy > Physics > Chemistry > Bio-chemistry > spirit


Battle of Survival, Society, Culture, Leadership, Religion,

Politics, Business, Science and Technology,

Searching for Existence.


Dear Sir, I want you to be here in this world at least for ten more years;  I swear you will see  the Bangladesh that you dream of.

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